KC Imagery


— December 8, 2017

This is something like a personal diary. I vent my thoughts to the world, hoping that maybe someone else is helped or maybe I could be helped spiritually. I was nervous to do this but, then I thought “why not?”. There’s not judge sitting at a table ready to press a button to either bring me down or pick me up. It’s all a part of overthinking… And guys I am unfortunately an overthinker! Any ways, let’s get to it.

I’ve been through many trials and tribulations but through it all God gave me something that would help. Help me to to cope, keep peace in the storms, remain humble, bring laughter, and warm my heart during the cold times… And that gift is music/art.

I adore it with all of my heart. I play bass guitar and the passion is larger than life! I’ve never been so passionate about anything. I question often if it’s my path to success, or a soother for stress.

I find that people ask allot the questions of my plans in life, and my major in college, but I can never answer the “plans” question in reference to my  major (mass communications). I sit back often thinking of what I could do for the rest of my life and be completely happy with, and I get a substantial pile of NOTHING! But…. Music and it’s many art forms. I cant say I’d want to be a doctor,  lawyer, sales woman, pr, advertising, or anything of those things.

Well, I guess I’ll keep living on the strings of my guitar as the vibrations send my heart home. Love, peace, and prosperity to all.

Until next time…

Photography — April 1, 2016


I have always personally loved taking photos, but as a real job?  Definitely not, or, at least that’s what I told myself. I always thought I had to be a doctor, lawyer, psychologist, behavior analyst, and the list goes on. Then, one day I took a photograph during the golden hours (two hours before the sunset) and that changed it all for me. Sitting a lake Meyer staring at the water and thinking of life and how the water could change its form to fit any situation or environment it is put in. Then I pulled out my camera and as a mother duck was walking with her babies on the dock I hit the camera button to capture the moment. That photograph helped me to realize that nothing matters if you’re not happy with the real image of your life. So, I changed my major to Mass Communications concentrating in Audio and Video. I love taking the defining moment photographs. An unplanned moment that will never happen again in the exact same way.